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From birth to death, they live in a world of eternal silence. They do not know any language, not even their mother-tongue. Self improvised and vague signs and gestures are their only mean of self-expression and understanding others. Uneducated, untrained, they fight on their own, a losing battle for survival, in a highly competitive modern society. A life of neglect, suffering and misery is their lot.
 To bring some succor to these people, cut off from normal society by insurmountable communication barriers, Kozhikode District Association of the Deaf has been working since 1986. Kozhikode District Association of the Deaf  is affiliated to the All Kerala Association of the Deaf and associated with all India Federation of the Deaf and World Federation of the Deaf. At present Kozhikode District Association of the Deaf  is having more than 750 life members.It has been an up till task. Absence of awareness about the cause of the deaf, has deprived the Association of the milk of human kindness, also public and Government assistance.
Its membership has grown from just one digit to over , 750. We provide them facilities for education (formal/non-formal), training in secretarial practices, typewriting, computer operations, Desk Top Publishing etc. It has a well-stocked Library and a Reading Room. Sports and games form an integral part of its activities.

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